Time Wasters

 Until I start my job after the holidays I have been spending my time doing a number of things. My usual tasks take place before noon (coffee, emails, gym) and then I have the rest of the day to go about as I please. Since I pretty much decided this could be the last time in my life (except maybe maternity leave and retirement but even in those cases I’ll either be old or have a tiny human to look after) where I have 100% noncommittal, guilt free, overly indulgent time for ME. I can sleep in till noon,  (Sidenote: I HATE sleeping past 9am. I like to get my day started and this makes me a bit of a freak, I know. I’m just saying if I wanted to, I could.) eat Taco Bell 4 times in one day and shop online for hours on end. It’s just a really beautiful feeling and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take 4-6 weeks off and travel, cook, read or whatever gets you excited to be alive to do so. I don’t think you’ll ever look back regretfully and think, “whoa..shoulda never taken some down time to do everything I love”. Nope, ya won’t.


With that, I decided to make a list of my top 5 favorite “time wasting” websites. I use the term “time wasting” loosely as I get real idea’s and inspiration from all the these places just don’t expect to see them in a NY Times list or something..well maybe if the people over the Times have impeccable taste like me.

1. minted.com- I love, love, LOVE stationery. I believe very strongly that people don’t appreciate hand-written gestures like they should and I get great joy from sending a thank-you or just a “Hello!-I-was-thinking-of-you” note. This website allows you to design and personalize all sorts of cards and stationery.

2. Stumbleupon.com- You choose topics that are most interesting to you (art, fashion, travel, books, technology, there are literally dozens) and then you “stumble” through various websites that are generated based on your topics you choose. The more you click on the thumbs up or thumbs down icon the more stumbleupon recognizes what content you like and don’t like. I have found some the of coolest shit EVER this way.

3. Pinterest.com- An online inspiration board that allows you to “pin” things from places to animals. It is so addictive and my description cannot do it justice. Just go sign up. Now.

4. Amazon.com- This is obviously a well-known website but they have anything you could ever want. Need an Ipod? Boom. Some winter boots? Done. A collectible china bowl that you broke and are now trying to replace before your mom finds out? Found. This website is legit for getting what you need.

5. Hellogiggles.com- An awesome website that has a little something for all women whether your single in L.A to a mom in Wisconsin. There are a ton of contributors including Mindy Kaling and Zoey Deschannel.

 Now go on and check em’ if you didn’t half-way through this post!


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The great indoors

Now that I won’t be starting my new job until after the holidays, I have found myself suddenly wondering what to do with all the extra time. Besides the regular day to day tasks like emails, working out and watching hours of bad television I feel like I should at least do something to better myself. Is there any other way to better one’s self by ONLINE SHOPPING? I think no.

Luckily for my bank annount these aren’t huge purchases, just a couple of things to keep me in suspense until they arrive from the nice UPS man.

1. A very She and Him Christmas album

Only $5 bucks on Amazon! She and Him is awesome to begin with. Give them some Christmas classics to work with and you get an album I know I won’t take out of my car CD player << yea, I still use those primative things..

Remember her in Elf!?

2.  Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns) by Mindy Kaling
I read an excerpt of this book in a magazine and I was cracking up. I don’t follow The Office anymore since Steve Carell left so I needed my Kelly Kipoor fix. I cannot wait for this to arrive! Buy it here
My hero









3. Oscar Blondi dry shampoo

I have been putting off buying this for months now because I hate spending more than $5 on shampoo. My mom and best friend both have this miracle worker and swear one bottle has lasted them a year. I steal it frequently and the time has come for me to get over the $22 price tag and have my own. Get it here

Rarely do I say life changing but this time I will.

I’m off to run some errands! It’s a goreous, sunny day here in the mitten 🙂

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If mother nature had hands

Fall is right around the corner. So much so that I can almost smell it. You know that scent; the air somehow seems cleaner, cooler, lighter. I saw these rings on Pinterest and immediately wanted a set for every finger on my hands. Order the rings here and find out more about the awesome jewler who made them.

Sticks, stones, love

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How do celebrities really use their name?

When I go about my daily activities I find myself applying my knowledge of PR to everything from TV commercials, newsfeeds, tweets and any other message thrown my way. What I have noticed is that is celebrities used their name to promote positive messages and contructive choices (I’m talking to you Snooki) they could generate all the free PR they need! Not to say that celebrities are evil, self-indulging human beings who simply travel to and fro the movie set but with so many outlets to chare your voice why not make it positive?

I read an article (http://tiny.cc/na5do) that says Michelle Obama generated over 2.7 billion dollars for the fashion industry simply from her outfits. Of course, with her enormous and almost god-like status we have Oprah who turns every product into gold when she touches it. It’s no secret that we’re watching their every move AND being influenced by it. Angelia Jolie, Leonardo DeCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and dozen of others DO put a good foot forward in the philothropic world and others should follow.

If celebrities or anyone with public regonition did one thing everyday to truly reflect what they believe or how they live we could see them more as human beings rather than placing them on this impossible pedestal. Would take some of the pressure off of them is the process? Probably.

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Insert typical ‘new year’ title here

Upon arriving back to school (for my final semester..ekkk) I was bombarded by 2 things:

1. my email inbox

2. the constant and annoying reminder that a new year has started.

We get it. It’s 2011. You have to be in a coma or living underground not to know this. So why, I ask is every article, news feed, tweet and facebook status have so much recognition to the change in calender?

New Year means change and new resolutions for living or creating a better you.  Shouldn’t we be focusing on this year round? If you live in a climate that resembles the mid-west right now I totally get why you don’t want to leave your cozy bed and by Valentine’s Day those resolutions you were gung-ho about are out the window.

My point is, I have been reflecting a lot about change and resolutions in general and my only habit I wish to develop is to be the best I can be YEAR ROUND.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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One more semester!

I was on campus today and saw all of the Fall graudates in their spartan green caps and gowns, posing for pictures with family and friends. I think about my post-grad life pretty much on a daily basis and knowing that I will be next for commencement ceremonies is exciting and terrifying. My PRSA newletter had an interesting article that made me proud to be going into the PR industry:


Can I be just like you?

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The most wonderful time of the year

Every year after the Thanksgiving leftovers are put away my mom and I go to bed for about 4 hours only to wake up for the the most thrilliing day of the season- Black Friday. Now, I’ll admitt you have to be a tad crazy to stand in line at Target at 4am but what other time of the year am I going to get my 750 thread count sheets for $30?

In addition to the crazy deals there are some items I can only dream about seeing under my Christmas tree. Here are a few!

Anthropologie Looking Mirror

Michael Kors Gold Runway Watch

DVF Wrap Dress

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